Midleo Core

Author: Vasil Vasilev
December 15, 2022

Midleo.Core was created to automate the processes for manual deployment into the middleware environment.

With Midleo you can create, track and automate change tasks, can deploy IBM MQ objects, Tibco EMS objects, IBM ACE nodes, and applications can define servers, and automatically read information about the software, network, and usage from them and analyze. Based on the info on what kind of software is installed, different automated procedures for patching can be defined.

With Midleo.Core Knowledge base, information about servers, changes, and software installation procedures can be defined and additionally can be added.

Midleo.Core has modules for different types of middleware systems.
There are modules for IBM MQ, IBM ACE, IBM Websphere application server, Apache Kafka, Tibco EMS from the middleware components. The platform supports MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mysql, SQLite databases.
You can access the files on Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox where you can tag the files to a change/server/application for reference.
It can be integrated with the internal enterprise LDAP server or local user database.
The Midleo.CORE has a time management system where you can easily track and export the timesheets, and a Kanban board where you can visualize the progress of the requests.
For the version control system, there is a possibility to connect to Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket, where you can check what has been changed and by whom.
With Midleo.CORE, you can access BMC Remedy, HP Service manager, or ServiceNow systems and tag changes/tasks to different components of the environment defined in the Midleo application.


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