Deploy IBM MQ Object to the remote Qmanager

Author: Vasil Vasilev
December 21, 2022

After you have defined an application server (Define new application server), you can deploy objects to the Qmanager.
The MQScout module should be enabled. This is happening in Control Panel -> Midleo Configuration -> Modules:

Then you can define a new object in Control Panel -> MQScout. You have to choose an application and a Project, because each Qmanager should be attached to a Project.

Once the desired project is selected, you can access the menus for the object definition, also information about the Qmanager will be displayed:

In the following example, we will define a new Queue in Project: TITPN and Application: VPS on Queue manager VMQAPP.
Once the desired queues are selected, a new button will appear in the right menu -> Deploy package on server:

You have to choose the environment and the request number for the deployment. In case you want to deploy it at a particular time, you can choose the Job time and select -> Create job.
If you select Deploy, after successful deployment in a few seconds, you will get the result: