Define new application server

Author: Vasil Vasilev
December 20, 2022

If you want to monitor/deploy/change some application, you need to define the connection details to it.
First, you need to Connect a server to midleo.CORE system (Connect a server)

Once the server is added and successfully sent information for the services, you can go to Control Panel -> Inventory -> Select the application that you have defined (Defining application) -> APPS (Application Servers) -> Define new server.
Such menu will appear:

you have to write:
- the desired Project where you want to add this application server
- the Name (how you want to find it)
- type - IBM MQ, IBM IIB, Tibco EMS, Apache Tomcat, Websphere AS, and so on
- server - which you have added
- port - on which port the application is listening for administrative connections
- username/password - in the case are used for this administrative connection
- SSL enabled - additional SSL configuration in case it is used

Once added to the system, the connection parameters can be used for further processes.