Define Request data template for the midleo.CORE request system

Author: Vasil Vasilev
January 27, 2023

In Midleo.CORE system, you can automate the deployment when you receive a new request.
To do this, you need to define a new request data template.
Here, you will define the structure of the data, how it will look when you want to deploy it based on the name of the Project, Application, and Server.

You have to navigate to Requests -> Data templates -> Define new.

You can select different Data types:

  • DNS request
  • IBM MQ
  • IBM MQ File transfer
  • General request
  • Network request
  • Server request
  • Tibco EMS
  • VPS Server

After that, you have to select one of the existing applications. The idea is, to select these existing objects that want to be copied/created with the new request.
In some cases, you can define different types of objects. All is written in this new Data structure - the unique ID of the object, name, type, and application variable.
In case you change the Source object - that you are copying, the new object coming with the new request will take the same parameters as it is at the time of the request - in this case - the new parameters.